Testimonials and Reviews

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    Rebecca – I used your reuseable bamboo nappies for both my children and they were amazing, thank you.  November 2023.

    Angie – Btw, this will be my third baby I’ve used your wonderful nappies for! The previous two over 8 yrs ago.. I’m so excited you are still making them for this little surprise baby 🙏🏻 14 September 2022

    Ben – I searched forever for pads just like this! Not only cheep, but great quality and HUGE! Big enough to cover half a king single bed and tuck in perfectly, they don’t move at all during the night! They work perfectly absorbing my sons accidents. Been using them for a few weeks now and not one leak onto the bed. Couldn’t recommend them enough for toilet training! I recommend getting a few so you can change them over during the night. So much better than changing all the bedding at 3am.  25 July 2022

    Joanne – Exceptional quality products and inserts, double inserts are the best for overnight protection, love the fit and will definitely be buying again thank you. 15 June 2022

    Tanya – Great products that do the job…communication to another level , fast delivery .. cannot recommend highly enough ..A Plus for sure …Thank you.  22 March 2022

    Mariam – I have some green kids nappies I purchased and 13 years ago , loved using them on my older kids, I couldn’t part with them. /thank you. I now have a 6 month old baby and have been using them the last 6 months. still fantastic.  October 2021

    Erin – Thank you!! I was absolutely astonished when the courier walked up my driveway today with my package from Green Kids – I only ordered it yesterday! I live in the middle of regional Victoria, still under significant Covid-19 restrictions, and I didn’t even have to pay for shipping! The customer service from Green Kids is incredible, thank you. And the product (the bed pads with tuck-ins) are exactly what I need. Thanks again.  November 2020

    Jasmin – It’ll be a few months before I can try these nappies out on bub, but my initial thoughts are that the nappies are well made, the inserts are lovely and soft and the Aplix tabs are practical. September 2020

    Britt – I’ve been using modern cloth nappies since my now 8 year old was about 8 months old, so these Green Kids nappies were purchased for my second bub, then used on number 3 and now number 4!  They were also loaned to a friend who used them on her 2 bubs!  Apart from saving hundreds of disposable nappies from landfill, they have saved my friend and me the cost of purchasing single use nappies!  August 2020

    Dee –  I just need to say thank you SO much for making these products available. My 9 y/o son has always struggled with mild incontinence, and I’ve bought several brands of incontinence underwear at $30 a pair, but all have failed miserably. Every day he came home from school with wet pants and the beginnings of a rash, and last week I decided that if your products didn’t work I would have to give up and buy nappy pants, which could have led to very embarrassing moments for my son.  But your unisex incontinence pads are so thick, absorbent, soft and large that he was able to wear one all evening and overnight without any leakage or rash – he was so so happy, and I’m so relieved! Reusable pads may be a strange solution for a child, but they allow him to keep his dignity until that part of his brain fully matures and he doesn’t need them.  Thank you from a very happy mumma bear 🙂  July 2020

    Kate – I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product!! We used your nappies for our toddler for 3 years and loved them so much that we have just ordered a bunch of new inserts for our next baby (due anyday now). July 2020

    Annrose – I bought a set of greenkids nappies about 14 years ago for my eldest and used them on my second born too. I love my greenkids nappies, they are the best out of all my other OSFM nappies and would definitely love to use them until my youngest is potty trained. I will be sad when he trains 🙂 July 2020

    Cass – I just wanted to say thanks for all of your discounts and nappies over the last 7 years. It’s been great!  I’m just unsubscribing as I no longer need nappies 🙂 June 2020

    Jamie – item recived thanks speedy shiping thanks so muche exelent. April 2020

    Tom – The bed pads are great, fast postage, thank you. Will buy again! March 2020

    Rachael – I love these nappies. They’re so easy to put on bub that even hubby can use them! The customer service is amazing, can’t fault them at all. December 2019

    Angel – We love our green kids nappies. The fit is great and they are so easy to clean. I also love the bamboo breast pads. So comfortable. Thank you. November 2019

    Plum – I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the speed with which my order was sent out. Must be some kind of record! I didn’t want to chance it being delayed as I am taking my huge order to South Africa at the end of next week, for my Mum. Greatly appreciate your efficiency! August 2019

    Allyce4 kids later and they’re finally wearing out. Thank you for such a quality product! April 2019

    Millie -You have been amazing, please know your customer service is top notch, the team has been so helpful when I have contacted them and I love my Green Kids nappies so much. April 2019

    Korryn – I have just ordered a top up as most of my GK are still going strong! I bought my first lot in early 2012 when my eldest was around 8 months old – she’s about to turn 8! Since then we added 3 more, with the youngest 3 months old. They were in them from baby through to toilet training / out growing them! Over that time, some of my covers have had to be thrown away and some of my inserts have seen better days but the majority are still fabulous and now it’s time to replace a few things! The only feedback I really have is with the toddler nappies, they never seem to be big enough for my lot as toddlers – they’re built like their daddy. Miss 2 is 18kg now but it would be great if there was another size up to cover that 2 -3 period. Thanks again for many years of reliable MCN’s!  April 2019.

    Channelle – I have been using the green kids reusable  nursing pads over the last  6 months and they are amazing! Not only do they last longer than disposable nursing pads but they also don’t move around in my bra. So easy to clean and reuse over and over again saving me money! Thank you green kids! March 2019

    John – Thanks, received the bed pads today, fantastic product, will use again. March. 2019

    Kat –  My children have been wearing these nappies for 7+ years and they have never let me down – I would highly recommend these!  Most of these nappies have now serviced three children and still going strong. Great company great service and great advice!  March 2019

    Kate – Just wanted to thank you for your amazing product!! We used your nappies for our toddler for 3 years and loved them so much that we have just ordered a bunch of new inserts for our next baby (due anyday now)!  February 2019

    Nicole – Am a first time mum. Before the birth of my son I bought a trial pack of newborn nappies and sent them to my sister in law to try. She was very happy with them so I invested in 24 one size fits all nappies. My sister in law jumped at the chance to try these out as well and was again impressed. I am now using them with my son, very happy with both the newborn size and the one size fits all nappy. The only problem was getting them back from my sister in law 🙂 August 2017

    Alice Georgiou – I bought a complete pack of anytime nappies 7 years ago and have used them full time with all 3 of my kids (the last Bub is 6 months and still in them) the quality and make are far superior than any other cloth nappy I have tried. They are all still in perfect condition and still white!! I have loved your nappies! Thank you. July 2017

    Clifton – I have tried several brands of cloth nappies but Green Kids are by far my favourite – for fit, reliable absorbency and most of all the ease of use thanks to their flexibility. July 2017

    Leanne Gee – We love our green kids nappies. The fit is great and they are so easy to clean. I also love the bamboo breast pads. So comfortable. Thank you. July 2017

    Phoebe – I have found Green Kids nappies really easy to wash and use. I am amazed at how well they fit my baby (from 8 weeks) and continue to fit my toddler! The colours and designs are great and I have found the premium bamboo inserts are super absorbent. Thanks for a great product. July 2017

    John Bowling – My wife has dementia and the bed pads are really good and they prevent a lot of washing. Thank you. May 2017

    Nat – I was given a few nappies to try as a baby shower present and they were great! So easy to use and super cute. Will definitely be buying more! February 2017

    Brooke – When I was pregnant I put it out there on FB asking friends for their recommendations on cloth nappies. A few girlfriends suggested Green Kids and WOW I was and still am super impressed. I have just started using them with my 3 month old and after a couple of days using them I am already purchasing more! Super easy to use as well as bright and colourful and comfy! February 2017

    Penni – My green kids nappies are still going strong after 4 years and 3 kids. They really have lasted the test of time. October 2016

    Alyra Shaw – I love green kids nappies! I used them for my older 2 children from 3 months until toilet training at 2+ years. And now I’m using them for my 9 month old twins. October 2016

    Bonnie – Bought a stash of Green Kids nappies recently and am very impressed with the quality and ease of use – they”re even dad friendly! Love the colours & love that I can stuff extra boosters into the pocket so they last thru the night. Highly recommended & I”ll be back for more soon 🙂 September 2016

    Yvonne Danson – As the nana in this purchase of Green Kids products I would just like to thank Green Kids for their fantastic help in helping us choose a suitable order for a brand new mum, my son’s partner. Their baby is not due until mid-September but the nappies and inserts are washed (3 times as per instructions!) and ready and waiting. The long and detailed email I received from the company was extremely helpful – and we can’t wait to try out the nappies etc. Many thanks, Yvonne. July 2016

    Karen – Just wanted to say your bed wetting pads are fantastic. I”ve had an issue with my dogs marking my couches. After trying a number of things, like unsightly plastic tablecloths, I was nearing my wits end. I had a brainwave to look at bed wetting options and came across your site. I got cot pads for my two seater couches and a single chair pad. No more unsightly plastic. A couple of throw rugs and you don”t even know they”re there. Another wee episode this week and no drama. Easy to wash, quick to dry and couch survived another day 🙂 June 2016.

    Emma – I purchased a trial kit followed by another bulk package of nappies due to the amazing quality of the product. Having trialled with cheaper brands, the difference in quality was astounding and if you want soft, absorbent great looking nappies that are also made here in our own country. Green Kids are the way to go! I just wish I had of bought them when she was first born! April 2016.

    Nicole – I have been using Green Kids for 2 years and find them the most reliable cloth nappies available. I have tried about 3 other brands and Green Kids are the most durable. Other brands have worked when my child was younger but not as she grew older. The one time I had an issue with my Green Kids nappies I contacted the company and they immediately replaced the nappies. I would definitely recommend them 🙂 March 2016

    Danica – The cloth nappies are great! I do find that there is a bit more leakage with them for my 4 month old but they are super easy to clean and I am surprised how they don’t stain. I would be using them all the time except unfortunately I still have to use disosables for nap times as the breathing monitor does not fit onto the cloth nappies. Only problem I had was that the stitching on the velcro of one nappy came undone only after about 3-4 uses. (January 2016) Note from Green Kids – please contact us with any leaking or stitching issues and we will sort it 🙂

    Anne-Marie – I’m new to cloth nappies and decided to purchase the toddler range for toilet training, so my twins can learn to feel wet at night. I thought my children would hate the tradional nappy fit after wearing pull ups – they cried when I took them off after their nap:) I wish I had tried cloth from the beginning and saved myself a fortune. Each nappy is the cost of one box of disposables so they easily pay for themselves. In the first year alone I’ve changed 5,800 disposable nappies! I’m also very impressed with the waterproof layer, I was expecting something very plastic, scratchy and hot which was concerning as I live in a very hot part of Australia. The PUL is a super soft, quiet fabric which appears to breath far better than a disposable. Thank you for a great product. January 2016

    Jessica – Just want to say thank you, I received my Beco Gemini carrier today and it was very fast delivery! Feels very comfortable with my 2.5 year old-although I have not purchased it for her and will not be using it for her but for my new born who is due in 3 weeks. September 2015

    Meagan – Just a quick message to say how happy we are with these nappies. We have tried so many different brands and have found these are great for a little girl. Thank you, Meagan. February 2015

    Rebecca – I recently won a trial pack of Green Kids nappies. I already use cloth nappies for my son, but was excited to try out Green Kids nappies. I have been really happy with them. I was a bit worried about how they would fit as there are no snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size of the rise, but they fit my 15 month old son really well, and we haven’t had any leakages. The outer waterproof fabric is of really good quality (unlike some other cheaper brands I have tried) and the nappies are well made. A good nappy that is reasonably priced. February 2015

    Maria – I’ve just received my second order from GREENKIDS. Great nappy recommended to me by a friend. Luv that it is a local company. February 2015

    Kristi – I ordered my nappies late last week and got them early this week straight to my door. Such fast delivery and everything is exactly as pictured on the website. The quality looks and feels fantastic. Once you get them and play with them you see how they will fit newborn all the way to toilet training. Very secure and thoughtful design. I cannot wait to try them out and I will update once I do! Thanks Green Kids! December 2014.

    Serina – I have the Minkytimes One Size and PRINTS One Size both of which are really good quality. I love the quality of the inner layer it is super soft and thick compared to another brand I have used. I also purchased the Nursing Pads. I love how they come with a wash bag and the rainbow outer edge. They are also super soft and good quality. I”m very happy with all my Green Kids products. September 2014.

    Tanya – Green Kids nappies are super absorbent, quite trim for a OSFM and a great night nappy! They are easy to wash & I love that they are Australian made! August 2014.

    Tamara – After trying a few other brands Green Kids were recommended. They are fantastic. They fit well, look good, lasted without having to buy different sizes, and are easy to wash and dry! May 2014.

    Gemma – As a first time mum I was hoping to be a little environmentally friendly and use cloth nappies. Not only that they work out to be much cheaper in the long run! After looking around green kids were my chosen brand. I really like the Velcro tabs as they’re so adjustable and fit my little man from the start! I also use the wetbags when we go out. They are so handy and keep all the mess and smell contained, especially now he’s started solids!! I couldn”t be happier with green kids nappies! We will definitely be using them when we have another baby. May 2014.

    Alana – So happy with your nappies! They feel so much softer compared to my other ones. Amazing quality Australian product with fast shipping. Highly recommended 🙂 May 2014.

    Jane – Great products. I have 18 Australian made greenkids nappies which are working well for us. I also have 3 multimats which we use all the time as cot liners, pram liners and as reusable change mats. They have been fantastic. I bought some extras as a gift for a friend with a newborn and she loved them too. Great products and well made. Love that they are made in Australia too! May 2014.

    Lorna – Hi, my beautiful boy has grown out of nappies, yay, I loved UR nappies and have passed them on to friends, in spite of years of use they still look new – thank you. May 2014.

    Freya – I bought a one size nappy, liners and some wipes for a friend for her baby shower. I was really impressed with the quality of the products which are beautifully made, and my pregnant friend was equally impressed! The items I purchased arrived in Melbourne within 5 days, and I received confirmation emails when the items were shipped. A professional and quality service. May 2014.

    genevieve ashby – I have bought some bamboo inserts for my son. These are by far my favourite inserts! They are much more absorbent and last much longer per change. They also are much more durable. Thanks Green Kids Toowoomba!!! May 2014.

    Liz – After a lot of research and debating I added Green kids Anytimes to my MCN shortlist, now they are the main nappy of our collection. The velcro tabs make life easy for Nanna with her rheumatoid arthritis but still comfortable and fitting for our little man. The absorbency and drying time are second to none and being Australian made are an even better find. Also a huge thanks to our local consultant Jess who has been most helpful and patient. May 2014.

    Jen – After trying green kids nappies along with about seven other brands, I can 100% say that green kids are the only nappies I will now buy and use. They fit my son the best and are the only ones that have been absorbent enough to last. After 18 months of use they are still in fabulous condition and I’m now getting ready to use them on my next baby. Highly recommend. May 2014.

    Vicky Fisher – After 5 years of using green kids nappies and 3 little boys using them my original nappies purchased in 2009 are now starting to wear out. They have exceeded the time frame I thought they would last. I’m so grateful of the savings they have provided me with also. If I have any more babies in the future I will definantly be back to purchase more green kids nappies as they are the only ones that have never failed during this 5 yr. time frame. Thanks Green Kids – Vicky Fisher. May 2014.

    Rebecca Hunt – I used Green Kids nappies for my daughter (she turned 5 this year). I’m now pregnant again, and don’t need to look around; I’ll be using Green Kids again. I’ve gone through all the nappies from last time. After a bit of sewing of the velcro on some, and I’m going to buy a couple more just in case, I’m all set to go. I did give them all a sniff – no smell at all. I found them incredibly easy to use, worked perfectly, and if they ever started to smell a little I just put some vinegar in the next washing machine load and they were good as new. I did have one where the elastic broke almost straight away, and Green Kids replaced it straight away, no fuss. Childcare centres had no issues with them as they work just like disposables, and they just put them in a nappy bag for me to deal with later. May 2014.

    Caroline – After 5 days in hospital wearing the provided disposable nappies, our newborn had developed nappy rash. Once at home, with nothing to lose, we decided to immediately start using our Anytime One Size nappies, converting them to the newborn size. They fit, no more leaks (unlike the disposables) and the nappy rash decreased almost overnight! Although a little dismayed that significant newborn stool stains remained on the inserts after each wash, these concerns dissolved after discovering that sunlight during line drying truly did remove the stains. Our biggest hurdle came within days of use when our Sydney weather became bleak with 4 consecutive days of rain. With no sun to disinfect our nappies, we were doomed to return to disposables. In desperation, the nappy microfibre and bamboo inserts were placed next to the window on those overcast days. Miracolously, the stains were continuously removed by the end of each day! Absolutely amazing. Thank you GreenKids nappies for a great product. November 2013.

    yazmin heinz – they are amazing, bit expensive but a one off fee. I tried to get cheaper versions and they were nowhere near as good, due to purely the quality of the products sold by green kids we have decided to only use green kids products. November 2013.

    Kate – A friend suggested I try Green Kids and I haven’t looked back. They are the only mcn’s I use. I love green kids anytime nappies for the following reasons – they are Australian made, they have Velcro tabs (easy and quick to put on which is great for wriggly babies), they come in a range of different colours/styles (so cute that my baby doesn’t need to wear shorts or nappy covers = less washing), they are one size (no need to buy different nappies for different sizes) and they are simple to use (pocket style that even dads can manage). November 2013.

    wanita – I just thought i’d let you know how pleased we are with our Beco Gemini carrier! our daughter is 8 months old and still loves being in the carrier. It has been great during recent travel as well as for just those quick trips into the supermarket. With a 2.5 year old in tow it means I can hold one safely by the hand while carrying the other. The different ways of carrying make it so useful for many situations and growing baby! I have suffered with back problems and this carrier does not give any back or shoulder pain like other carriers I have tried. I would recommend it to everyone. the colours and designs are great too. November 2013.

    Heather Mutton – I have been using Greenkids MCN’s since 2010 on baby #1 and am now using them on baby #2. It was suggested to me to think about cloth nappies to help the environment. I was unsure about using cloth nappies as I had not seen the MCN’s available. Once I started to look into them and hearing reviews from a friend I chose Greenkids. I am now using them with baby #2 and still love them as much now as I did when I used them with baby #1. I rave about Greenkids MCN’s to all my friends and have had many of them purchase Greenkids MCNs. I have even had one friend become a consultant for Greenkids. If you are looking for a MCN then Greenkids are the ones for you. They are fantastic, the savings have been enormous due to using them on 2 babies and their absorbency though the night is amazing! November 2013.

    Catherine – I started using green kids nappies with my daughter who is almost 3, and am now using those same nappies on my son (10 weeks old). I trialled a few different MCNs and think Green kids are by far the best, they are easy to wash, the bamboo inserts are super absorbent & the outer covers still look brand new! I love that we are supporting a local Australian made company too! The hardest part is choosing what colours/patterns to buy! Coming up to summer it’s great to see a baby in a gorgeous coloured greens kid nappy and nothing else! November 2013.

    Channy – I have been using Green Kids nappies for 2 months now and I can say they are a great MCN. They are soft and kind on my baby’s bottom and really absorbant. The maintainence is fairly easy and evn the hardest stains come out after a few goes out in the sun. I didn’t even realise until I talked to some other mums that it’s unusual to use cloth through the night and have them actually work! Now that the summer months are coming I find myself just letting baby walk around in just her nappy cause it’s so cute! November 2013.

    Amanda – I recently ordered some wetbags for both myself and my sister. We got 2 sizes each, one for use all the time with our mcns, the other as a backup for wet clothes, togs, etc. They are great quality and so easy to use, while looking great. November 2013.

    Annika Gillespie – I have quite a few brands of MCN’s as I wanted to trial various ones and not be stuck with one brand I disliked. Green Kids is the only brand I’ve gone back and bought more of. I find them really easy to use and love that my little boy doesn’t feel wet in them even if the inserts are very wet. They are great for wrigglers who need nappies to be put on quickly and I love all the designs. I am having second bub in 3 months and can’t wait to find out if its a girl so I can get some cute girl ones. I have recommended them to all my friends who have bought MCN or thinking about it and recently gave them to a friend as her baby shower gift. I will definitely continue to buy from Green Kids. November 2013.

    Louise – I was given about 6 different styles and brands of cloth nappy to try with my first born. Lots of pros and cons with then all. When I have purchased nappies subsequently I have gone with green kids. I really like the design, they look great on my boys and I am really happy to be supporting a local business. thank you green kids team. November 2013.

    Steph – Began using OSFM almost six years ago. So happy with that decision! So easy to use even once sceptical hubby will! Looking forward to pulling them out of storage for bub #3, and trying the nursing pads this time too. November 2013.

    Jennifer Moriarty – At the last Up Market I purchased the Forest Multi Mat. This is the best thing I have purchased as a first time mum and would recommend it to all new mums. Its one of the things I never leave home without. I have been able to use it to change my gorgeous baby girl in any location knowing that she will be comfortable and clear from any germs. About to purchase a back up one and a wetbag for dirty clothes 🙂 November 2013.

    Kyleigh Berry – We are a big lover of the Green Kids One Size Nappies. I have been using them on both of our babies and we have never had a leakage problem not even for overnight use. I’m very impressed with the quality of these nappies as some brands don’t seem to last for overnight use which can be annoying. Thank you Green Kids for saving us in buying disposables! November 2013.

    Heather – I’ve been very happy with our Green Kids nappies, which we’ve used with our 8 month-old from birth. Our set of Anytimes nappies have fitted her since she was a small newborn (using the newborn fold) and are easily adjusted as she grows. The information on the website has been very useful and customer service has also been very responsive. Great to see Australian made nappies. It’s very handy to be able to use them as a swimming nappy also (just found today that she had grown out of a swimming nappy we were given – no problem, because we had “her” nappies that we could use 🙂 November 2013.

    Sally Freeman – I love Green Kids nappies. I have a newborn and toddler in Green Kids OSFM and they fit both my girls beautifully. My nappies are all still in excellent condition despite 2.5 years of continuous use. So not only do I fell great that I am doing my bit for the environment, but I am also getting excellent value for money. People often comment on how pretty my girls look in their nappies, and I have to agree, they look gorgeous. November 2013.

    Marit – When I initially made the decision to use cloth nappies, I was overwhelmed by the options available. I attended a ”cloth nappy education class” and was left with more questions than answers! Then a friend recommended Green Kids and showed me how they worked. I haven’t looked back! They are so simple to take on and off, the colours are gorgeous and the soft inserts are kind on bub’s bottom. I’ve also found that they wash really well, dry quickly and all stains come out after a few hours in the sun. I would definitely recommend Green Kids to anyone reconsidering using cloth nappies. (I didn’t even mention that they are great for the environment AND they save you money!!) November 2013.

    Bindi Willow – These nappies are a delight to use. They continue to fit my growing bub very well and seldom do we experience any leaks. We often receive complements on them. I feel satisfied when I hang a batch out on the line, knowing I’m helping the environment and with such ease. My bub is always on trend in her green kids nappies! November 2013.

    B.H – I first saw Green kids in a magazine advert and thought I�ll give them a shot. I did not look at other MCN products at the time. I have been using them for over 3 weeks and just love it! As I did not have any issues with them at all, I decided to stick with them and have recently brought more nappies from their site. The nappies look cute, is easy to use and I love the colours and design. They hardly leak at all and I would recommend them to other people. November 2013.

    Katie – I have been using green kids newborn nappies and have been very satisfied! The Velcro fasteners makes them easy to use and I am amazed at how well they wash without any soaking. November 2013.

    Sarah – Green Kids are amazing! When expecting our first bub we knew we wanted to use MCN, but there are so many different options out there. After some research we decided on Green Kids because they’re Australian Made & have heaps of good reviews. It was the best decision we could have made! We started using the Anytimes One Size Nappies from the day we got home from hospital and six months later (with no nappy rash!) haven’t looked back! The velcro tabs are mummy, daddy and grandparent friendly as they’re so easy to use and can be adjusted as bub grows. We’ve since bought more of the One Size nappies and also the nursing pads (also great!). Customer service has been fantastic both times and we plan to use Green Kids for the rest of our future munchkins! November 2013.

    Karen – I purchased Green Kids on recommendation from a friend and I absolutely love them. I have used several other types of MCNs but have found Green kids to be the easiest to use. My husband has even commented on how easy they are to use, they are just like disposables. I also love the fact I can get my Green Kids nappies dry during the colder months. Other nappies I have tried take me several days to dry but Green kids are so quick even without a dryer. November 2013.

    Felicity Carey – I went looking for a night nappy for my 3 year old and got a couple including green kids one. It is by far the best it so absorbant and such a great fit. I now use it on my three month old and it fits her great too, never had a leak or a wet bum after changing. Would definitely recommend Green Kids! November 2013.

    Melissa – Love Green Kids nappies! I bought Green Kids and another brand of MCN’s while I was pregnant and Green Kids nappies are so much easier to use! Love the velcro-like tabs. November 2013.

    Jen Dobson – I LOVE green kids modern cloth nappies! When I had my son I had wanted to try re-usable nappies but had no idea which brand to choose. Out of the five brands I tried, green kids were by far the best. My son very rarely leaks and is constantly getting comments on his cute nappies. I would highly recommend the green kids nappies! November 2013.

    Alice – I left a review on here before. I have been using Green Kids Anytimes for about 10 months on my son and they are my favourite nappy! I’ve tried many many different brands but have recently sold all my other nappies except one other brand and Green Kids as they just work the best for us. Never get leaks, absolutely reliable. To make this an honest review I have to say though that I prefer other inserts to the Green Kids double Bamboo ones. It would be great if Green Kids could come up with different options. I find they get a bit too stiff for my taste after a while (I don’t have a dryer and don’t want to use one either). A few weeks ago I bought two Green Kids Minkytimes and I just looooove them. And so cute designs, too. The other day I picked up a nappy from the shelf and my son said “no” and pointed to the Owls Minkytime 🙂 November 2013.

    Sarah – I was a little nervous about using non disposable nappies. I had used disposable nappies with my first two, but had a large gap between them and number 3. In that time I became a lot more knowledgable on the environmental impacts of nappies, not to mention the immense cost, plus the irritation that disposable nappies can cause to the delicate skin of a newborn. I started with disposable for number 3 because I thought it would be easier in the early days what I wound up with was a bad nappy rash. I purchased green kids and couldn’t be happier. They are incredibly easy to use, and I have had no issues with leakage. Almost overnight my little ones bottom cleared up as the nappies are so soft on the skin. As we have have no second income, the cost saving s will be great too. I just wish I had discovered these nappies 7 years ago when my first came along. November 2013.

    nikki – I brought the multi mats for at home use to change my little girl on. As didnt purchase a change table to save money. I have found them really good ,my only gripe is that I find them too small wish they where bigger! But however I see you have new change pads which im guessing are bigger? November 2013.

    Rachel Godoy – I love GREENKIDS nappies. I have a few different brands of cloth nappies at home but GREENKIDS are still my favourite. Easy to use, easy to clean, functional with fun colours and prints. November 2013.

    Emma – My friend introduced me to cloth nappies 5 years ago when we had babies a month apart, she gave me a few to try and Green kids was by far the best. I thought cloth nappies would be difficult to use and time consuming but these modern cloth pocket nappies are in fact really easy to use. Ive bought others to try and still come back to green kids. I love how they can be adjusted for different ages, how boosters can be added for extra absorption, the elastic around the legs isnt tight like some ive tried and the lining of the nappy is really soft so it doesnt chafe and cause nappy rash not to mention green kids nappies hold everything in, something i think is great!. I am constantly recommending green kids to my friends. My newest baby is 11 weeks old and we’ve already been using green kids with him. I can honestly say i have found green kids to be the easiest and nicest to use! November 2013.

    Anastasia Coroneo – Thank you Green Kids for the Beco Gemini. Determined to find the ultimate baby-carrying solution, some serious internet research led me to the Beco Gemini. I was very pleased to find it stocked in Australia and to receive it from you so quickly. I rave about it .. perhaps more than is rational! But to be able to have the baby close and well settled, and still be able use my hands, all without even a hint of a sore back is money well spent, I say. It is almost as easy to put on and off as just picking up the baby. I can transfer my sleeping baby with no trouble at all. The waist band is perfectly designed and takes the weight well. I had my first child in a hugabub which was fine when he was tiny, but it was a hassle to get on and off and sagged badly after a while. I also tried an old-model baby bjorn but it killed my back even with a little newborn and it soon became pretty squishy for my cloth-nappied babe. The Beco Gemini is the perfect solution. I am glad I did my research on this. November 2013.

    Bre – I love greenkids nappies. They rarely leak, are made of soft comfy fabric and they look super cute too. Who knew reusable nappies could be so easy to use! November 2013.

    Bronwyn Coulston – Green Kids Anytimes are my favourite nappy, and we’ve tried several brands. The newborn nappies were fabulous until almost 7 months old, then we moved to the one size and we haven’t looked back. I send them off to her day care, and as the nappies are so easy to use, the carers think they’re great. I’ve had so many comments about how Green Kids nappies are much simpler to put on than other cloth nappies. No leaks, no snaps to adjust, no fiddling with different insert layouts, just stuff, velcro and go. With nappies this easy to use, why would you spend the money on disposables? November 2013.

    Rachael McArthur-Andrew – I have been using a Anytime Nappy i also got the Bamboo Premium Double Insert, i got the Ooga Booga print, which my daughter loves, she picks it everytime, the nappy fits really well, tight enough around the legs, i have used it so many times and have never had a leak, the insert is very absorbent, it has lasted up to 8 hours , and with the velcro its very easy to put on a wriggly baby. November 2013.

    Laura – I purchased the Nursing Pads and I love them! I bought two packs of 6 so I don’t have to worry about running out, though I’ve found that one set normally lasts me the whole day. I was worried about knowing when to change them but have discovered they get uncomfortably warm when in need of changing(I’d imagine it’s the same feeling bubs get in a full cloth nappy). Hold so much more than disposables nursing pads, way more comfortable and hold their shape(unlike disposables). November 2013.

    Emily B – I highly recommend the Anytimes One Size. We’ve been using these for 5 months on my bub. Fit is great, pockets are easy to stuff and I love how absorbent the inserts are. They do take slightly longer to dry, but overall I am very happy with these. November 2013.

    Rachael Brennen-Gale – I purchased my first 4 Green Kids nappies back in 2007 for my twin girls, I have added to that collection over the years, my 4 year old daughter used them and I now have a 10 week old son who will use them. Although I will need to purchase some boy prints for when we go out and about 🙂 They are still in fantastic condition and Green Kids are the only MCN I recommend !! November 2013.

    Emma Williams – I used Greenkids with my daughter Harvie, they were a great recommendation from my sister. The quality is fantastic, they still look like new and are now being worn by bub number 2 Reeve. November 2013.

    Alice D – We brought the Beco Gemini carrier. Our 8 month old loves it!!! Considering she hates the stroller that’s quite amazing. We got it because she has four teeth coming through & wants to be held constantly!!! Also the carrier only took 2 days to arrive. We had been waiting 6+ weeks for a carrier on another website & it still hasn’t arrived. Thanks Green Kids – my back & bub appreciate your speedy response…September 2013.

    Jessica – We are so impressed with green kids customer care. They really took care of us with our beco Gemini carrier purchase. And we’re super happy with the carrier too! August 2013.

    Shona – We love our Green Kids nappies – they fit well, wash easily, and rarely leak. Our original set of nappies are still going strong, despite having been used for our two older children and now twins. I do prefer to use the flushable liners to make washing even easier – I wash the liners in a lingerie bag if they’re only wet and get a few uses from them. Highly recommended! August 2013.

    Olivia – I love my new Soleil baby carrier! Compared to my other carrier, the leg padding and head support was excellent for my bub, and even though he’s pretty hefty we were both comfortable. I also love that I have the option to cross the shoulder straps on my back, which made me and baby feel safe and supported. The optional extras are great too and really smart – I got the carry all for spare nappies etc. and it works well. The service from Green Kids was first rate too. I would definitely recommend this carrier to my friends 🙂 August 2013.

    Kristy Walker – Thankyou for my Anytimes One Size Nappies. I love them, and so do my kids. They are very luxurious. The material on their bum is so soft and the Velcro concept makes putting on a nappy a breeze. They fit well and are very easy to clean too. We also have not had any leaks which is great. The absorbent inserts really do the job. Thanks. July 2013.

    Kirsten N – I was the very lucky winner of a recent Bub Hub competition of a voucher to spend in your store. I bought 4 Anytimes Prints and a pair of leg warmers. I have cloth nappied 3 babies and am very impressed with your product. They fit well, dry super quick and are so easy to get on and off a wriggly baby. 5 stars!! I would happily recommended these nappies. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them. July 2013.

    Sharon – I am loving the toddler nappies! I am using them on my nearly 3 year old who is not ready to toilet train. I can put them on him standing up and they work great. So much easier than stressing over toilet training;)

    Kirstie S – I’ve been a long term user of various cloth nappies and I absolutely love our Green Kids pocket nappies. They are very easy to use (the velcro tabs are super convenient!), the bamboo inserts are very absorbent, and the fabrics are lovely and soft. Recommended! July 2013.

    Apple C – Both my husband and I love Green Kids nappies. They are easy to use and stylish. It is really worth to invest in good MCNs likes Green Kids if you are concerned to long term saving and environment.

    Lisa Fitzsimons – I am ashamed to say that I have only ever really considered using disposable nappies. Until now! Green Kids nappies are super absorbent, easy to use (for both Mums and Dads) and so soft on baby’s skin. They also come in some gorgeous colours and designs which is great for mixing ‘n’ matching with various outfits! June 2013.

    Melanie – I’ve been using Green Kids Anytime One Size Nappies on my daughter since she was born 4 months ago. Even though she was a small baby (2.8kg) the nappies have worked well. We’ve had minimal problems with nappy rash or leaks, both of which have been a problem when we’ve used disposables. As she’s grown bigger I’ve moved from the microfibre to bamboo inserts which are great. My only problem is that they are so absorbent they take a while to dry as the weather gets cooler. I am planning to buy some more to get through winter! June 2013.

    Rebecca Baker – I have used Green Kids Anytimes on all three of my girls and we LOVE them. They are a wonderful fit and very easy to use and clean. They are also SUPER cute! I have purchased two full sets over the past 4.5 years and i am still using the second set on my third daughter who is now 9 months old. I would highly recommend these nappies to anyone 🙂 I would also like to note that the Staff are lovely and helpful with any questions you may have. If you purchase Green Kids for your baby you won’t regret it. June 2013.

    Kate H – I LOVE Green Kids Nappies, so easy to use and clean, really soft, look great and even better being a local product! Would highly recommend to anyone!! May 2013.

    Kyleigh Berry – I love Green Kids Anytimes One Size nappies. Its the only nappy that i can get my heavy wetter not to leak through the night. 10 hours of protection is amazing. I have purchased almost every brands night nappy and nothing was as reliable as the Green Kids brand. I recommend anyone out there to try the one size nappy you will be extreamly happy with the product. May 2013.

    Ashley Samuel – A friend recommended MCN’s to me when my daughter was about 5 months old. I decided to buy a few different brands from the most popular ones online so that I could see which ones worked for us and if I would be capable of keeping up with it before I outlaid too much money. I decided on Green Kids because they were the only ones that I tried that did not give my daughter rashes and were so easy to use compared to some of the others. They fit her really well and, since starting to use them full time, we have had no leaks or rashes. As an added bonus, they keep the smell of her poos in so well sometimes I don’t even know she has done a poo. This is a real bonus for me as I am pregnant with our second child and just the smell of her poos makes me need to throw up, even before I can get her nappy off! Not anymore 🙂 I recommend them to all my friends and can’t wait to use them on my second child as well. May 2013.

    Bec C – When I found out I was pregnant I was adamant I was going to use Green Kids MCNs. Then when I was told we would be having twins I had a slight waiver in my decision. After pricing out disposables I decided that MCNs were still the way to go. I ordered 40 Anytime Newborn size nappies, expecting my twins to be born early and be little. I ended up being induced at 37.5 weeks & my girls weighed 2580g (5lb 11oz) each. In hospital they supplied disposables, but as soon as we got home my girls were in their Green Kids nappies. 40 is the perfect amount for my twins too, I wash every second day & always have a few spares just in case!! I love the extra flexibility that the velcro gives me, and am happy to say that the girls are now 5 months old & over 6.5kg and still wearing their Green Kids Anytime Newborn Nappies. I imagine I will need to stock up on bigger nappies in the next few months and will definitely be getting more Green Kids Anytimes!! May 2013.

    Kate – I am a new mum and recently ordered my first mcn’s and they were the green kids anytime nappies! It was great to be able to order them through our local Mackay rep – Skye. She was really helpful. Today is day 2 of using my new nappies and I am very happy with them already! Thanks 🙂 May 2013.

    Erin Masson – I love Green Kids because they are made in WA and we like to support local! I also love that one size fits all so I don’t have to fork out more each the baby grows! My 6mth old is my third child to wear Green Kids nappies, some of the covers have lasted since the first kid! They are so easy to use and I’ve got several of my friends onto Green Kids as well 🙂 May 2013.

    Korryn Malzard – Hi guys! Gk’s are awesome! I’ve been on them since 2011, after having tried several well known brands. I’ve never had an issue. My original set are now onto my second child and I’ve just bought a new set for my eldest because she grew quicker than I anticipated. I’ve converted a few of my friends to green kids, they’re so fantastic and I adore my little squirt. I love that not only are they easy to use and save me a fortune, but they’re Aussie made too. Definitely worth the effort and the initial outlay. The staff are great and I love the layby service. Such a wonderful product and a great company. Can’t sing high enough praises! May 2013.

    claire – I’ve been using green kids anytimes nappies for a few months now and am really happy with them. I’m using them part-time because i wasn”t sure how we’d manage without a dryer, but they”ve been actually far less hassle than i anticipated. we”ve had no leaks, except once when i put a nappy on a bit loosely. i use the microfibre inserts because i need them to dry quickly, and i add just a folded up face washer (ex-face washers now!) to each nappy and that”s enough to take up all the wetness without leaks, plus the microfibre inserts dry in a matter of hours. The nappies are much less bulky than some of the other brands i tried, and i love those snappy colours. Really happy with them. May 2013.

    Nikiha Richters – After discovering I was pregnant with our first child, I new straight away that I wanted to use MCN’s. My mum used cloth nappies on myself and my two older siblings so I knew it was the best way to go! After doing some research comparing brands and prices, as well as asking other mums their opinions I decided Green Kids would be the best for me. I used Green Kids as soon as my son was born and I’ve never had a problem with them! They are super easy to wash, my partner can even wash, dry and put them away without my help! It’s much more economical to use cloth and I definitely know I”ve done the right thing by choosing and using Green Kids MCN’s! May 2013.

    Alicia – Best nappy ever! I was first attracted to them because of the velcro tabs as I thought there is already too many buttons on baby clothes why would I want them on her nappies as well. I have been using my one size greenkids since my bub was 6 weeks old (she was a small baby and disposables were just easier). They are just so easy to use and even easier to wash. All I do it dry pail them without a lid, no smell, no mess, then every second day I wash them. They dry quickly and if it’s a rainy day they go in the dryer or get hung on a clothes air dryer under a fan for half a day. Plus no stains!! I also use the cheapest natural clothes washing liquid and it keeps the nappies absorbent unlike harsher cleaners. LOVE THEM!! P.S. I am first time mum and it”s not too hard!! May 2013.

    Holly – If you read no further, I’ll sum up Green Kids nappies in a word – excellent! We were given some by my sister-in-law when we came home from hospital (she had used GK with her two kids), and then bought more ourselves, because we’ve found them to be great. Delivery very swift – they arrived two days later. They are soft and have never given our boy nappy rash or soreness, are super absorbent and leak-proof. They’re very easy to put together and put on (even with his wiggling legs!) and come up perfectly clean after every wash. We also estimate that we covered the initial cost within a couple of months, compared to what we would have spent on disposables. They also come in an amazing array of brilliant colours – it seems a shame to cover them up in the cooler months! Thanks Green Kids! May 2013.

    Charlotte Feeney – You can’t beat Green Kids for reliability, ease of use and quick drying time in our house. The Velcro is super sticky, easy to use and makes for a lightning fast nappy change. The pockets are easy to stuff and the stay dry layer really does stay dry. My son is almost 2 and they are fitting great with plenty of room for him to grow. Looking forward on using the same nappies with our new bub due in a few weeks. May 2013.

    Lisa – I was first introduced to Fabric Nappies by one of my sisters-in-law who used them on both her girls..I’ve used Green Kids on my little fella since he was 10 weeks old. He’s now a happy, running, chatting (well nearly) 19 months and I’m proud to say we are still a Green Kids family!! I spent some time researching and talking to other fabric nappy mummas before I decided on Green Kids and I’ve never looked back!! I’m a solo mumma, although I had to spend some money on kitting myself out, the money and shopping trolley space I’ve saved is worth definitely worth it. I don’t mind the washing and nappy sorting, plus the little fella enjoys having extra playtime outside and ”helps” with the pegging. I was a nurse in my previous ”career” so being around nappy ”gifts” don”t erk me out (well, most of the time!!). I’ve been extremely happy with my batches of Green Kids. I have a gorgeous photo of the little fella surrounded a calidiscope of colours and patterns, taken when the first batch arrived . Friends and parents I bump into in parenting rooms are often fascinated and happily surprised by how quick and simple they are (and that my child has a blue, Zoo or Aeroplanes on his nappy!!) Thanks muchly!!!! May 2013.

    Kath – 7 months in and I’m still loving Green Kids. I have a couple of other brand nappies from when I was new to this whole thing and they are definitely at the bottom of the pile, and only to be used when desperate (ie when my GK nappies are drying). I am so pleased with the GK nappies that I must sound like an evangelical preacher, raving to all my Mother’s Group friends. No leaks, easy to use, super easy to wash, no super poo explosions, and very cool looking. May 2013.

    Alice – I’ve tried many different brands of cloth nappies for my 16 month old but Green Kids are my favourite!!! I don’t know how the Anytimes will fit on bub #2 as we only started using them when my son was 13 months old, but I just think they are the most comfortable of all MCNs and so easy to use. And it is great how quickly the shells dry! May, 2013.

    Ramasharan – I am a Childcare Educator by profession and now a mother to a 3 month old baby girl. I am really appreciating green kids modern nappy after using traditional nappies with pins & pilchers for 10 years. I started off using the infant size & have recently progressed to the one size nappies, I love how easy they are to use & clean. I have only tried one other brand of modern cloth nappy & it leaked all over her clothes in a very short period of time. Green kids have proved to be so convenient to use that I am planning to use them right through to toilet training. April, 2013.

    Shelley – I thought I’d let you know about soap nuts and reusable nappies. I bought a bag of soap nuts over a year ago and I’m only half way through it. I think from memory it was $24 so it’s certainly economical! I have green kids nappies (still my favourite), as well as some pikapu, cushi tushies, grovia and bitti d’lish. All have been fine with the soap nuts and sun drying, but the green kids are lasting longer than the others, especially the pikapus, they don’t seem to like the sun and they’ve gone out of shape. I use a dry nappy pail and wash twice a week. I do soak nappy covers (not the inserts) in plain water if they are really messy. I don’t have any problems with smell (there’s just no smell at all) but I know some people don’t think their clothes are clean unless they smell like fabric softener! February 2013.

    Rebecca Clarke – I got my green kids nappies from a friend who had used them and so they are on their 4th child and working fantastically. I am just replacing the inserts now and have found my consultant Kathryn to be a wonderful source of honest, helpful information. I feel great that I can do my bit for the environment and our country by using this great product that saves us money. They are so easy to clean and use and fit so well. I continue to use other products in the range with great satisfaction. Thanks Green Kids. February 2012.

    Laura – These are fantastic, I originally bought the normal inserts to go with my nappies although soon discovered I had a heavy wetter! I then bought the premium inserts and this has made a huge difference. Loving the nappies now, and at first when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and why my nappies were leaking, I contacted my WA green kids contact and got very prompt responses. Couldn’t be happier with not only the nappies, but the level of service and also a very quick delivery thank you! February 2013.

    Naomi Higgs – Just following up on a previous review where my newborn anytimes were too big for my newborn. They fit him fantastically now (he’s 3 months). I pop a microfiber booster in with the bamboo and they last overnight, at least 10 hours. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t fit him initially but I am pleased he has grown into them. Dad and the grandparents find them easiest to use of all nappies in my stash, so will be looking to get some of the one size nappies for when my boy grows out of them. That’s persistance 🙂 January, 2013.

    Katherine Simms – I am so excited to be able to use modern cloth nappies. When I said I was going to veto disposables, friends and family thought I was nuts or that it wasn’t practical, but it is so easy! I tried a few different brands, but Green Kids are definitely the best I’ve come across. It was really important to me that they are made in Australia as well. They are so super spiffy looking too! The one downside is that the nappies are so good looking I don’t want hide them under my son’s cute new clothes! December, 2012.

    Katische Vinning – I have been using Green Kids nappies for the past 4 years with two children. They are the best on the market, compact, versatile as you can use one size all the way through and they are very long lasting. I am using all the inserts and most of the liners that I bought for my daughter on my son. Best of all Green Kids is an Australian owned company. Any queries are quickly and professionally sorted out with no questions asked. I have often recommended them to my friends and have a number of them using them – they love them too. December, 2012.

    Kate Radford – I was recommended Green Kids by a friend who uses them. I love that they are Australian Made (that’s very important to me) and the quality is so good. I first bought a few to try along with other brands, and have since ditched the others and bought lots more GK’s! I recommend them to everyone, and always say “made in Australia!” November, 2012.

    Louise – I first came across Green Kids when pregnant with my second child in 2008. My babies were going to be 15 months apart and I wanted a cloth nappy that would fit both without having to change popper sizes etc. Green Kids had the perfect nappy, I only needed one nappy pile for two (and later 3) little ones in nappies! Still using my original stack plus a few extras for baby number 4 with the addition of some newborn anytimes. Have also used the toddler size for a 4yo night time nappy. Also love that Green Kids are designed and MADE in Australia – a real rarity. Keep up the good work! November, 2012.

    Brid England – A very positive experience from the ease of ordering, acknowledgement of order and receipt of items. The product was received a couple of days after order placed and was as described on the site. The lollies were a nice touch! Very pleased with Green Kids and would recommend it. November, 2012.

    Kristy Young – I absolutely love Green Kids nappies. I bought some in 2008 after having my first child, and some more in 2011 before I had my second child. I am using both lots on my second child, and they are generally both still going strong. I love the convenience and ease of this product, it’s so much like a normal nappy – just better for the environment. I prefer the bamboo inserts, but have found after a lot of wear that they do become thin and worn & I have unfortunately had to throw some away. The nappies themselves last forever as they are such good quality, and more than worth the money. Thank you Green Kids for making cloth nappies so easy! November, 2012.

    sasha – So happy to at last find a cloth nappy that’s Australian made! I’ve tried a few different kinds and these are great. Good fit, and no leaks. Love the two-tone minky colours. I am still searching for the perfect “overnighter” though that’s not so bulky i can’t get pajama pants over the top:) November, 2012.

    Ruth – Green Kids nappies have saved us so much money over the years with our two children (7 and 2 and a half). These nappies are well-made, colourful and stand the test of time. Our youngest is currently potty training and we thought that our nappies days were behind us….Think again…Just found out I am pregnant with our third child and we have a lovely stash of Green Kids nappies to use to save us even more money. Thanks Green Kids nappies! November, 2012.

    Nic A – We love Green Kids in our house! Both children have been in GK since birth right thru with no problems – they are so absorbent and leak proof, plus really easy to wash and use. I always try to talk my friends into using them, and being Australian made is a bonus! Thanks for a great product Green Kids 🙂 November, 2012.

    Kath – Green Kids have been my favourite travel nappy. So easy to use, for dads and grandparents, and you can stuff them with anything if you’re desperate! We’ve been using ours happily for 19 months now, and looking forward to kid number two using them soon as well. November, 2012.

    Karen Thorp – I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your brand. Your nappies are a great fit, easy to use and last my little one even over her 10hr sleeps! You give great discounts and your prompt service is amazing. I just had to let you know I am very pleased with Green Kids and I will be recommending you without hesitation. November, 2012.

    Aimee – Hello, love your nappies by the way! Thanks for such a great product, my daughter has chunky thighs and other nappies I”ve tried have left her with marks on her thighs because they”ve been too small. Green Kids have also kept her dry all night! November, 2012.

    Naomi Higgs – I am a bit disappointed with my Anytime Newborns”. I researched for my entire pregnancy which MCNs to go with, and bought 6 each One-size-fits-most from 2 other brands, and thought I will get a smaller size for a snuggier fit on a newborn as I was worried the other ones would leak until my son was a bit bigger. Unfortunately I have found the opposite to be true. I”ve followed all care instructions meticulously, the nappy itself does not leak through the cover, but there are gaping holes around my 5kg chubby boys legs and I need to change his whole outfit within 2 hours, compared to the aforementioned other nappies which go fantasticly overnight. In short, the nappies are too big! I don”t understand as my son is by no means a small baby. (Note: Green Kids has assisted this customer with her leaking & fit issues). October, 2012.

    Laura Raines – Green Kids nappies are AWESOME!! I’ve tried many different brands of MCNs, all of which leaked within an hour or two, & was so disappointed with them that I went back to disposables fulltime. I thought I’d give cloth nappies one last go & bought some Green Kids Anytime One Size nappies – OMG they are brilliant! I’m so impressed that thy fit so perfectly on my baby boy & NO LEAKS! I only wish I”d bought them sooner. The only reason I didn”t buy them sooner was because of their low price – I figured the most expensive MCNs must be better – boy was I wrong. They are affordable & the prints are absolutely adorable. Green Kids is a fantastic Aussie brand. Looooooove them 🙂 September, 2012.

    rebecca butler – My name is Rebecca and I am a Green Kids addict! I absolutely love these nappies. They have cute designs, have fit my bub from 3 months of age (he was a very tiny bub when born) and are easy to use (husband proof). I personally prefer the bamboo inserts over the hemp as I find the hemp became quite stiff after hanging on the line and more difficult to insert evenly into the pocket once stiffened. The bamboo inserts are soft and easy to insert. September, 2012.

    Lucia Ferguson – I just love these nappies. I have used cloth nappies for my first baby a different brand and I only recently discovered the Green Kids brand with the arrival of our baby girl. I love them they are easier to use with the velcro straps and the insert is softer and more absorbent. Supporting an Australian made product is important to me and I wish I had found them earlier. I will most definitely recommend them. September, 2012.

    Susan Richardson – I have been buying cloth nappies and bamboo inserts from Green Kids in preference to other suppliers as I have found the service great and the quality fantastic. The nappies have lasted four years on two babies (I have replaced the elastic a few times – easy to do). The bamboo inserts are incredibly soft and a must have for easy nappy cleaning. Also, I love that they are Australian made. Thanks so much to Green Kids for making the nappy changing years more environmentally and cost friendly. September, 2012.

    Rebekah Meagher – I love these nappies. They are easy, don’t leak and look cute. I am onto my second child with these nappies. They really go the distance. My only gripe – some of the inserts take along time to dry. So you need backups in winter. Love these nappies : ) September, 2012

    Leah – As a newbie to the world of cloth nappies I trialled a combination of my friend’s cloth nappies. I found Green Kids nappies the easiest and most practical of them all. The fastener tabs and pocket insert are easy to use and the fit is great. Thanks Green Kids. September, 2012.

    Samone Hosking – I have lots of mcns but my Green Kids are definitely a favorite. They have lasted the distance (some now on child number 3), have fitted 3 different children well from birth to 3+yrs, have been used successfully as night nappies and are super easy to care for. When friends ask for a recommendation, Green Kids are what I suggest. September, 2012.

    Mim vander Woude – I was given a couple of Green Kids Minkytimes as hand me downs – 2 kids later plus the original bum that they covered and they are still going strong and I haven’t had to adjust or play around with the nappy for it to fit my newborn son as I have had to do with most of my other OSFM nappies – thanks for a lovely, easy to use and great quality product. September, 2012.

    Bree Hartley – Green Kids are my favourite modern cloth nappy (MCN). I have five different types as when my first child was born I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of one brand or type and find that they didn’t work for his body shape or that we didn’t like the way they worked. I bought two Green Kids Anytimes One size nappies on eBay (new and unused – bonus) to have a try of and straight away I loved the way they looked, felt and absorbed. Other MCN’s just seemed to leak or my little boy would wriggle uncomfortably and soon enough I would take them off and go to a disposable. Green Kids were the only ones he would wear. We didn”t get a whole lot of use out of them for my first but they were certainly used. Then when my second child came along I was excited to get more into the cloth nappies and purchased more Green Kids Anytimes One Size nappies. I have always found them to clean up well, not stain, dry quickly and work beautifully. When friends ask “what is the cloth nappy you prefer?” I always say “Green Kids!!” September, 2012.

    Lorna Sullivan – When my baby was born I was given a lots of pre-used nappies from a relative which included a few Green Kids Anytimes. Out of about six brands including a few other big name Australian brands, green kids is by far my favourite. They are easy and fast to put together, less bulky and fiddly and look like they are the most comfortable for my now toddler. They were also the best fit when my toddler was a newborn. In spite of being used for two children before mine, the green kids nappies still appear brand new. Importantly, absorbency with green kids compared to the other brands is by far the best. So when I decided that reusable nappies was for me, I had no reservations in choosing Green Kids as my preferred brand and there was no contest as to which ones to buy. Thank you for investing in such great materials and simple, no fuss reusable nappies with super absorbency. An outstanding Australian product. September, 2012.

    Laura Sanchez – I have been using MCNs now for three months. I originally decided to buy a whole heap of different brands to try and see which ones worked best for us. Green Kids nappies have by far been our favourite! They”re so fast drying, easy to use, easy to clean and so gorgeous! We have a selection of Minkytimes and Anytimes and we have had so many comments about how cute they look! We have had no issues with nappy rash after starting on cloth nappies, and although there”s a bit more washing to do at the end of the day, it”s worth it knowing my little bubba”s skin is happy and healthy, and I”m not contributing to landfill with icky disposables! Thanks so much Green Kids – I can”t recommend your products and services highly enough! I”ll be coming back for more!! September, 2012.

    Kirrily – I bought 40 nappies three years ago, deciding if I was going to do this I would go all out….My husband helps wash and fold them as he feels is it something he can help with easily. We have never had nappy rash or used a single tube of nappy rash cream. I cringe when I see how red and sore other bubs bits are, knowing there is such a great alternative. Now I”m pregnant with next bub and they are still going strong…. the only reason I would purchase more is because I want some more gorgeous minky times ones !! 🙂 September, 2012.

    Jane McKay – I bought my 20 Green Kids nappies before my baby was born and have been using them full time for 21 months. They are effective and comfortable throughout her growth spurts and poosplosions! Although I have other nappies in my stash I just don’t use them! They simply don’t work as well as Green Kids and if it’s one thing I want in a nappy, it’s reliability! Now we’re heading towards toilet training I know I’ll be able to use the same original 20 Green Kids nappies with the next one. Incredibly economical and environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re Australian made! Keep up the good work and thank you for such an amazing product. September, 2012.

    megan sanders – I used Green kids on my 2nd bub, having used disposables on my first. It’s hard to change your habits from your first to your 2nd but Green kids made it easy. They are so convenient, comfortable and easy to fit that I see no difference between disposables (washing time is essentially equal to the time previously spent sourcing disposables on special) and using green kids nappies. In that first year, it always gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to know I wasn”t adding to landfill, and my 4 year old had fun choosing what colour nappy to use next. Now my 1 year old chooses the nappies and I have used that to start teaching him his colours. My sister’s pregnant now and I’ve almost got her converted to greeen kids already…..September, 2012.

    Amy brooks – I have been meaning to write this and say a huge thank you for a while. With my first baby I tried about 20 different brands and styles of cloth nappy. While they were all ok, green kids nappies were the only brand that I consistently loved to use from birth to potty training at 3 yrs. The fit was always great, the bamboo inserts were so absorbent, no uncomfortable snaps to dig in, my baby’s skin was always dry, they were so easy to clean and by far the cutest on my baby’s bottom. With my second baby I gave up on all other brands and only bought green kids. And an Australian company too! Thank you. By far my faves!! July 2012.

    Tamsin Ramone – My little girl loves these green kids nappies! And so does her parents! Scarlett came up in a horrible contact rash from the original cloth nappies we had been using, after it took two cortisone creams and a course of antibiotics to clear it up we tried green kids nappies and the rash hasn’t come back again. I love the fact they are Australian and so easy to use and wash. The peace of mind knowing the nappies my baby is in 24hrs a day isn’t causing her discomfort means the world to me. I’m so pleased we found this brand!! July 2012.

    Jo – I LOVVVVEE OUR GREENKIDS NAPPIES! The very first mcn i bought for our 1st son 20weeks before he was born was a greenkids aeroplane print-still my favourite print nappy! 😀 its 2years old and still going well, elastics and condition still perfect! now our 4month old son wears it also and the few other Greenkids mcns we have 🙂 i find them absorbent,they are a great mcn for naps, every print is super cute and they are verrry easy to use! great for my mcn user challenged partner, he wont use any mcn without velcro and ones that arent user friendly! I recommend Greenkids to friends too 🙂 they are great with drying time after theyve been washed also, they dont take more than 2 days to dry inside the house 😀 they are as easy as using a disposable only much much cuter and friendlier to the environment! July 2012.

    Penny – I purchased a green kids nappy before my daughter was born and it has been great. I am very happy with green kids nappies and would be happy to purchase more, there so easy to use, trim, and fit well. Thanks for making such a great product!!! July 2012.

    Katie – I have been using GK cloth nappies since my little girl was 6 weeks old. They have been fabulous and I’d never bother with another brand as they are so good. I have made orders through my local consultant and the website and both have been super easy and very helpful – fast delivery and plenty of help when needed. I had a very small issue with one of my nappies which was dealt with professionally and quickly – it was replaced free of charge and within a couple of days. I recommend GK to all my friends with children – not only are they gorgeous, easy to use and environmentally responsible, I believe I’ve saved A LOT of money over using disposables! July 2012.

    Kyleigh Berry – I just love the greenkids AnytimeOne Size Nappy. My baby girl is a very heavy wetter and I couldn”t find any bamboo nappy that would last the night. Then I tried the anytime one size nappy for a night and she was perfectly dry in the morning, no wet clothes at all. I was so pleased with the outcome, which meant I stocked up on my nappy stash with Green Kids nappies. I told my girlfriends who were having the same problem with their bubs, and they too also tried the same Anytime nappy and are extremely happy with the outcome. Thank You Green Kids. July 2012.

    Lori – My most favourite of the Green Kids nappies are the Minkytimes! They are so soft and look so comfortable for my baby. Green Kids nappies are so versatile, and I love how you can basically use anything to stuff the pocket if your ultra-absorbent GK bamboo inserts are still drying. A fantastic product, well worth the investment! July 2012.

    Alison – I have a Green Kids butterfly print anytimes nappy. The fit of the nappy has been really good, actually I have been surprised at how a OSFA without rise snaps could fit so well. (though I haven”t tried it on a newborn yet!) The velcro and elastics are holding up really well and still like new after a year of use. I like the way the leg elastic is sewn in, it would be very easy to replace if needed. We only ever get leaks in this when the nappy is not sufficiently boosted. The only letdown has been the Hemp insert, it is starting to get holes and looks pretty worn. I think we have hard water so it may just be that hemp doesn”t like it as none of our bamboo, cotton or microfibre inserts have suffered the same fate. I would also note that most other brands of inserts will fit these nappies (we also use our BumGenius ones) as would folded prefolds, which is really handy. July 2012.

    vanessa – i have quite a few other brands of nappies in my stash, but i find myself reaching for the green kids mcns the most! i love the ease of use (even hubby can do velcro) and the prints and colours are so cute!! i cant wait to get more and to also try the night naps! thanks for a great product green kids =) July 2012.

    cindy c – By far our favourite MCN, fabulous range of patterns and colours. Great customer service, fast dispatch, and great support with quick helpful replies and advice. July 2012.

    Esther – Let me simply say, there is no better then green kids! After trying various cloth nappies I finally found your website. Stella is now 15 months old and we have never looked back. Of course have told everyone we can about them and are proud to say we have converted a fair number as well, all of whom have been ecstatic with the quality and reliability of the nappies you supply. Keep up the great work, such a pleasure to support Australian Companies! July 2012.

    Lynette Cooper – I love green kids nappies they are the only nappy I use at night time with the microfiber insert and booster and I’ve never had a leak. It’s so nice to put your little one to bed at night and not have to worry about having a leak through the night. I have been using green kids for 2.5 years and the nappies are still in such great condition the elastic in them is still the same as when I brought them its fantastic!!!!!! July 2012.

    Naurelle Palmer – We have Anytimes nappies and love them! They are so easy to use that even my mum who is new to MCNs can confidently use them. I can’t believe how well they have fit my son from day one through all the times his body shape and size has changed.. Brilliant product and one I would heartily recommend. July 2012.

    Bella – Green Kids Nappies have been great to use with our little boy. He is a big wetter so until recently I was using diposables through the night but have now switched to Green Kids and he sleeps for 12 hours with no problems. The customer service has been great, it is wonderful to be able to order online and have the option of talking to someone if you need more information and delivery is really fast. I tried out five other brands before deciding on Green Kids, they were definitely the best in terms of absorbency, drying time and fit, and the colours and prints are great too. I would definatly say they are the best cloth nappy around, they are so easy to use and care for. July 2012.

    Skye Sinclair – I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Green Kids for having such a great product. I did have some initial problems with leaking. But with the help of the wonderful Kerry we got down to the bottom of it. I had a barrier build up thanks to the washing powder I was using (so I recommend using Earth Choice as I have no problems with that). Now I am not using disposables anymore…which I found would leak after using overnight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green kids nappies and feel great that I am doing my bit for the environment. Plus they are super cute and cosy 🙂 July 2012.

    Jacqui – Day 14 of using green kids and I”m a total covert. My baby girl is 3 months and until I got on my feet I used disposals but since going “green” we have hit the ground running and we haven”t looked back. No leaks, no nappy rash, no problems washing, no baby/mummy/daddy issues we r all happy! Love them! As good as disposals no actually better we r doing our bit for the environment. No more nappies to landfill for us! Yippee! And money in my pocket for more important things. Also big shout out to ACT green kids rep Kathryn – I was one of her first clients and she has me sold on them the moment she arrived with her little girl Lucy – thankyou! I”ll b spreading the green word with all mummys to be! July 2012.

    Lynn Loo – Green kids nappies are fantastic products. With the other brands that I have use, they are not as long lasting and not as absorbent. I rarely have leakages like some of the others that I have used and I”m using them for my no. 2 now which has been really great. Saved me heaps of money and best of all it”s easy to use that my hubby uses it too. No staining issues even after a big dirty poo. Dry pail, wash and out into the sun and it”s clean and white again:) July 2012.

    Lacey – All I can say is that this product is FANTASTIC! Have been using the anytimes nappies for just over a year now, and they have been so easy to use. Highly recommended! July 2012.

    Ruth – I’ve been using Greenkids nappies for 2 years on my first child. I tried different brands at the start and found that these were the best from about 2mths onwards. Half my nappies are GK. I only send GK nappies to childcare because they are so easy to use and reliable. They also fit him much better. My other main nappy brand tends to fall down around his hips after he’s been running and climbing for a while. The hook and loop tabs are much easier to adjust to fit at different sizes than the snaps on my other nappies. He often seems to be in between two positions on those I’ve recently had to start replacing the leg elastic in some of them and that is pretty easy to do. GK gave me good advice on what I needed to do. I’ve also noticed, while turning my different nappies inside out to get to the elastic, that the PUL fabric of the GK nappies is still in really good condition, my other major brand has the waterproofing separating from the polyester. I suspect GK uses better quality PUL fabric than some of the cheaper brands. I’ve only ever used the 6 layer bamboo inserts, so can’t comment on how these nappies work with the newer 4 layer inserts. July 2012.

    Brenda – I LOVE our Green Kids modern cloth nappies!! I have been using them now for close to 18 months and they still look as fresh and brand new as the day I purchased them. They are so easy to use and so easy to wash. Everyone comments on how stylish they look on my little Lily….they have saved me sooo much money and I have saved the environment from a huge disgusting pile of disposables… I can”t wait to have a little boy so I can order some funky boy style Green Kids cloth nappies. Everyone who asks about what brand is BEST I always direct them to Green Kids!! July 2012.

    Renae – I use greenkids nappies as my workhorse nappy and they are fantastic, i brought 8 of them when i first went to cloth and have not had to buy more as the ones I have are still in exellent used condition 🙂 thanks for a great nappy ladies 🙂 July 2012.

    Vicki – I bought my first Green Kids 3 years ago with my first bub and it is definitely one of my favourite nappies for bub #2 who is a heavy wetter. He is also very chubby so I love how my Green Kids fits his chubby thighs and tummy and the bamboo insert plus booster is perfect for at 3-4 hours during the day- no leaks! Thanks Green Kids:) July 2012.

    Patty – I have two kids but never thought about using cloth nappy when I was a new mum with the first child. I didn”t think any extra washing work should be added into the busy enough life. But when my second child came along I was inspired in the baby expo and realized how popular MCNs are these days! So I bought 3 brands of cloth nappies to start with even before the birth. Few months later I had to sell the other 2 brands of nappies on eBay and leave the GREEN KIDS nappies only! As I can tell the difference of how they perform. Using Green kids nappies is as easy as using disposable nappies and takes as much time. Washing is also a breeze with its smart pocket design. The inserts dry even faster than my jeans! So I would sincerely recommend GREEN KIDS nappies to everyone who would like to give cloth nappy a try. July 2012.

    Emma Growden – I’ve been a Green Kids fan and user for ages now and have always loved the products. I have, however, always been a little hesitant to try the nappies at night! However, how wrong was I! I tried them on my 20 month old last night and they worked a treat! I used the double bamboo with a bamboo booster and he had a full night sleep with no leaks! I have now been fully converted – perfect timing with a new bub due anyday now! July 2012.

    Larah – LOVE the product, have made 3 orders already. Delivery fast and website easy to use. Thanks so much. June 2012.

    Rebekah – Love your products – have lasted me 5 years through 12 foster kids & now using them on my own baby! June 2012.

    Tanya – Thank you Green Kids we are very impressed with your customer service. Your excellent communication throughout the transaction and quick delivery far exceeded our expectations. We love the Beco Gemini carrier that we purchased from you and so does our baby boy. It is very comfortable and wearing our baby in the carrier is the only way he gets any sleep during the day. June 2012.

    Andrea Li – I just received my very own Beco Gemini Baby Carrier a few days ago and I LOVE it! A huge thanks to Kerry for the prompt replies to all my emails. There’s nothing like waiting for days for the administrator’s reply when you really want an answer ASAP, and I really felt like a valued customer thanks to Kerry’s attentiveness. I”m looking forward to using Green Kids again in the future. June 2012.

    Kylie Taylor – Ive been using Green Kids for over 5 years now. They are now on their 3rd bum and still going strong. Im so happy with the quality and service I will happily recommend using Green kids to anyone. From the wonderful patterns and colours to the great sizing, Ive never been disappointed. Green Kids I smile at you everyday when I happily change my sons nappy. May 2012.

    Rowena King – I’ve been using Green Kids as my main MCN for a year now. They were great when my daughter was newborn – fewer leaks than disposables, and they are still great now she’s walking. They are the only MCN I use overnight as the inserts are super absorbable. Even daycare loves them! Nice to be supporting a genuine home grown/made product too. Thanks guys! May 2012.

    Hannah – I must say it is pleasure to buy from you again. After 2 and a half years hard use some of our first lot are worn. During this time we have only used 2 disposable nappies for my first born when she was in hospital. Cheers guys it feels good! February 2012

    Danielle – Thank you so much for all your support, advice and ideas. I really like greenkids nappies, and my son looks so cute in them 🙂 They are truly a quality product and I am loving that my husband, my son and I can do our bit to keep this earth green 🙂 February 2012

    Lisa – I have a Beco Butterfly baby carrier – I LOVE it! I use it for my 10kg 18mth old (who almost always falls asleep) and for my 15kg 3 and a half year old – it is so comfy and the kids love it too. December 2011

    Kate – Your nappies are great! The fit is excellent and not too bulky on my active little boy. I am using them with my 2nd child who is now 8 months old and only wish I had used them earlier and with my 1st child! November 2011

    Caroline – I just want to say that I love, love, love your nappies! Have used them on 2 kids and they are my favourite nappy ever! November 2011

    Ingrid – I wanted to pass on my thanks for your superlative customer service and fabulous product. Being new to cloth nappies, I was nervous about using them. I just want to say that I love, love, love your nappies! Have used them on 2 kids and they are my favourite nappy ever!However, your guidance and instructions have proven spot on and the nappies are easy to use and look great! My son is happier than ever, I feel good about my reduced environmental impact (taking him out of disposables) and there is not a spot of nappy rash in sight. Thanks Green Kids! November 2011

    Kari – Hi, I just wanted to commend Green Kids on your fantastic customer service! I was so impressed by how quickly my order came through. I placed my order on Friday afternoon, paid express post and it was delivered to me on Monday morning. I couldn”t be happier with both your customer service and your wonderful nappies! My partner reckons I sound like a sales rep whenever I tell my friends about the nappies. I can”t help it though, I just love them! 🙂 I will definitely keep telling everyone I know about them! October 2011

    Susan – Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Green Kids nappies that I purchased late 2008 for my baby girl. Although mostly potty trained now at age 3, I still use them on her for outings and at bed time. I also now have a 4 month old baby boy and am using the same original Green Kids nappies purchased in 2008 on him. Luckily for me I purchased neutral colours (sage and butter) so that I can continue to use them. They are in pretty good shape considering the nappies have had full use on one baby already. Thank you for a great product and I have been happy with the fit and style of your nappies (and especially like the little turtle!). I have some Bum Genius nappies as well, but if I was to purchase again I would choose Green Kids as I prefer that they are Australian, like the shape and the easy fold tabs for washing. Thanks again. September 2011

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