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Anytimes Toddler Size Nappies/Pants

Green Kids Anytimes Toddler nappies are larger than our one size nappies, and suit children from approximately 13kg to 18kg (depending on body shape).  Ideal for toilet training your toddler, as a night nappy and for older children who still wet the bed up to pre-primary age!   Toddler nappies can be used as a pull-up and without an insert to help with toilet training, by letting your toddler feel when they are wet, while still containing accidents!  Simply leave the strong Aplix tabs closed and use like underwear during toilet training, with the advantage of being to open the nappy when needed.  Green Kids nappies can also be used as a swim nappy without an insert (rinse chlorine out after use).  They are made from a waterproof outer layer, and a stay-dry inner layer and do not require a separate cover!  We recommend using our premium double bamboo inserts with our toddler nappies during daytime and team with a microfibre or bamboo booster for sleeptime.

These durable, long lasting pocket nappies come in a great range of colours and are trim, reliable nappies that can be used with confidence day and night.   Fantastic for long car trips and heading out! 

See the testimonial below from a happy mum about Green Kids toddler nappies :)

"I am loving the toddler nappies! I am using them on my nearly 3 year old who is not ready to toilet train. I can put them on him standing up and they work great. So much easier than stressing over toilet training."  Sharon, Perth (July 2013)

Each Green Kids nappy will require an absorbent insert (sold separately). Simply place the absorbent insert into the nappy and it is ready to use! 

Green Kids modern cloth nappies are proudly made in Australia, so you know they're good!
Only products genuinely made in Australia can display this logo, so please look
for it when you shop and support Australian made :)

The following quantity discounts are available when you purchase Green Kids Anytimes or Minkytimes nappies - so you can make up a package that suits you!!

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Buy 12 to 17 nappies- receive $2.00 each discount = 9.0% discount!

Buy 18 to 23 nappies- receive $2.50 each discount = 11.4% discount!

Buy 24 or more nappies- receive $3.00 each discount = 13.6% discount!

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