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It's stock take time again and we hate counting, so (almost)everything at Green Kids is discounted!!

Get 35% off our full range of gorgeous Oz made modern cloth nappies & 25% off our super absorbent bamboo inserts & boosters, Wetbags, Nursing Pads and so much quantity discounts still apply - wow!

Plus get free shipping on orders over $99!

If you would like to start shopping or find out about specific products, please click on the navigation bar to the left or the pictures below.

 Please note that quantity and/or bulk discounts apply to most products in our range and the discounts are described on every page. 

Green Kids allows you to customise your purchases to suit your own particular circumstances, either in packs or individual nappies and inserts - you choose, not us!

Please click on the "Information" link at the top of the page to find out everything you need to know about the care and use of Green Kids nappies, what you will need to get started, frequently asked questions and much more!

Green Kids premium nappies are proudly made in Australia and
only products made in Australia can display this symbol.

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Dry Times

Green Kids

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