About Us

Green Kids is an Australian family owned and run company specialising in premium quality modern cloth nappies and accessories.

The idea began in 2004 when two Perth sisters wanted to use cloth nappies on their children. They tried using terry squares and useless covers, but they both decided there had to be a better way. Their dream was to have cute, trim fitting, premium quality nappies that allowed them to be conscious of the environment while avoiding all the nonsense of soaking, tricky nappy folds, snaps and leaking nappies. After much trialling and testing, Green Kids was born! After starting out listing nappies on eBay, they then moved to their own website, and since then the popularity of Green Kids nappies has increased rapidly!
Green Kids is now one of the largest cloth nappy companies in Australia and their nappies are now sold all over Australia, and to countries around the world.  Green Kids is one of the few modern cloth nappy manufacturers who still makes their modern cloth nappies in Australia, which allows us to use the Australian Made symbol on our website.  This symbol only appears on products that are made in Australia, which means most of our competitors can't display it in their stores!

Green Kid's goal is to continue to provide permium quality modern cloth nappies and accessories, using only high quality materials and workmanship, and to provide every customer with superior levels of personalised customer service. We are proud to say that all Green Kids nappies are 100% Australian made, right here in Perth, Western Australia!  Our manufacturer is a registered business in WA and makes all Green Kids nappies and many of our accessories under contract to our specifications.

Green Kids also cares about our environment in other ways, and ensures our office and despatch facility reduce or reuse whenever possible to lessen our impact on the environment. We use fabrics from sustainable and organic crops whenever possible, including environmentally friendly organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, sourced from ethical manufacturers in China.  Our PUL nappy fabric is made in the US to a high standard and will withstand hundreds of washes.

So rest assured that Green Kids are talking all steps possible to look after you, your baby and our environment!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page :)