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Drytimes Unisex Incontinence Pads are a unique unisex design that suits both men and women, and the design ensures that wetness is spread evenly from front to back of the pad. Drytimes Incontinence Pads are designed to slip inside your underwear and give you peace of mind protection for light urinary incontinence, including urge incontinence, stress incontinence and leakage after surgery.  They are super absorbent, discreet, quiet and comfortable to wear, with a snap band to ensure they stay in place in your underwear.  The absorbent capacity is 200ml and they can be washed and re-used many times, making them a very cost effective alternative to disposable pads.  The pads are sold as a pair, and come in a handy waterproof, zip closure wetbag, which means they can be discreetly carried with you and used as required.  The used pads can be returned to the wetbag until ready for washing, so you have freedom to live!  These pads are only seconds because the inner seam hasn’t been sewn perfectly, however they still work perfectly!  No returns or exchanges accepted on seconds.

Drytimes Incontinence Pads Layers:
Outer:  100% polyester with PU laminate, which is breathable, quiet, comfortable and waterproof
Middle:  100% microfibre, which is extremely absorbent for its weight
Inner:  100% organic cotton, which is cool and comfortable against your skin

Care of Pads:
Each pad comes with washing instructions on the tag, and they can be washed with your regular clothes, provided no harsh detergents, bleaches or fabric softeners are used, as this may affect their absorbency and lifespan.  Pads should be washed with half the recommended amount of laundry powder or liquid and line or warm tumble dried.  Your pads will increase in absorbency after the first few washes, and we recommend they receive one hot wash prior to use.  Please don’t use any creams, lotions or talcum powder with your pads, as this may affect the absorbency.  Change when wet and rinsing your pads in cold water to dilute urine will extend their lifespan.

Length: 26cm
Width: 15cm (at widest point)  8.5cm (at narrowest point)

Simply put pad into your underwear with the waterproof PUL side down and the soft cotton against your skin and close the snap to secure the pad.  Generally the larger ends goes towards the back for women and the front for men, but they can be worn either way that suits.