WATERPROOF, ABSORBENT & REUSABLE PREMIUM BED PAD 100cm x 100cm pad with generous 50cm tuck in flaps to suit single and king single bed sizes – RRP $45.50

Price now $39.95 includes FREE regular, trackable shipping within Australia!

This pad can also be used on larger beds (double, queen & king) simply by folding the flaps under the pad and placing it on the side of the bed that requires protection. Drytimes recommends you purchase at least two pads – one to use and one to wash.  Drytimes products are made by Green Kids, so you know they’re good 🙂

Fabric specification: 4 layers of protection

1. Surface : white quilted cotton blend extra dry-touch layer that wicks moisture into the pad & protects skin.
2. Minimiser polyester layer that prevents wetness from rising back to surface.
3. Poly/rayon super absorbent soaker that absorbs and traps fluids.
4. 100% PUL backed polyester stay dry backing is waterproof and locks out moisture & staining.

Washable Waterproof Pad features:

1. Satinised smooth barrier finish holds pad in position on bed or chair.

2. Smooth surface does not “lint” up.

3. Non-pilling surface remains smooth and gentle to the skin for the life of the pad.

4. Non-Slip backing helps keep pad flat and in place.

5. Amazingly absorbent and minimizes the possibility of leakage by containing heavy voids.

6. Light and easy to launder, simply machine wash and warm line or tumble dry. Regular washing helps to reduce dust mites in your bed!

7. Latex and Lead Free – non irritating for sensitive skin.

8. Can be re-used many times, saving you money and saving the environment!

9. Absorbs approximately 2 litres of liquid over 8 hours.