• Green Kids amazingly absorbent Premium Double Bamboo Inserts are super soft and silky!!  They are made from 6 layers of 70% super absorbent bamboo fleece and 30% organic cotton and the hourglass shape ensures they stay in place in the nappy, while the two piece design means faster drying times. Bamboo inserts are Green Kids most absorbent inserts and are suitable for one size nappies. They absorb up to 500ml of water under test conditions. Overlocked with natural coloured thread.
    Approximate dimensions are 42cm long x 16cm wide at the widest point & 12cm wide at the narrowest point.
  • Green Kids regular bamboo inserts are soft and silky and made from 4 layers of 70% super absorbent bamboo fleece & 30% organic cotton.
    The slim fit means they are comfortable for all bubs from newborn to toddler, though we recommend our premium, double inserts for older bubs to give you extra absorbency.  The regular inserts will suit the pocket of all sizes of Green Kids nappies, with an absorption capacity of 250ml+, or they can be used with a microfibre or bamboo booster or  added to a premium double bamboo insert for extra absorbency.
    Overlocked with natural coloured thread.
    Approximate dimensions are 37cm long x 12cm wide.
  • Green Kids bamboo boosters are designed to fit inside the pocket of your Green Kids nappy to give  extra absorbency.  They consist of three layers of luxuriously soft and absorbent bamboo fleece.  To use with a Green Kids Insert, simply open the insert and slip the booster inside between the two layers (for double inserts) or place on top of single inserts, with the booster closest to the suede cloth lining of the nappy.
    Approximate dimensions are 36cm long x 11cm wide.
  • Green Kids microfibre inserts are made from three layers of fluffy white microfibre and are a great day time insert for a light wetting or newborn baby, or if you plan to change regularly (approx every 2-3 hours or less). Also perfect for overnight when combined with a bamboo insert (place the microfibre insert closest to the stay-dry inner layer and the bamboo towards the back).  Microfibre inserts are super absorbent for their weight and dry quickly.
    Size: 14 cm x 30 cm
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