Wetbags – Handbag Size

Green Kids wetbags are perfect for storing your Green Kids nappies while out and about! They fasten with a zip closure, and are made from an outer layer of 100% cotton print, and an inner layer of waterproof PUL fabric.  The two layers are sewn separately, which means these wet bags will hold your wettest nappies without wicking!  Wet bags can be placed in the wash along with your Green Kids nappies or with your general washing.  Regular size wetbags are ideal for daycare, pre-school or swimming days!

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All Green Kids wetbags are proudly designed and made in Australia, so you know they’re good!
Available Size
Handbag- Approx 23 x 28cm – Fits 2 Green Kids nappies $12 each  Sale price $6.00 each