Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse the information categories below for everything you need to know about the care and use of Green Kids nappies.  Also visit our page with instructions on how to use our nappies!

The fibres in the suede cloth are special in that they cannot actually absorb liquid, or hang on to it. What happens is that the liquid is forced through the suede cloth and into the absorbent insert, which then holds onto the liquid. The result is a super-soft, stay-dry layer remaining against your baby’s skin.  Green Kids uses only premium quality suede cloth that is thicker than most other brands of modern cloth nappies, so it lasts!

When buying a full set of Green Kids nappies, we recommend that you choose mostly Anytimes nappies in plain or print, plus a couple of Minkytimes nappies for special occasions or showing off. All Green Kids nappies are made from 100% poyester fabric, which makes them very durable and long lasting nappies, which can be used both during the day and at night.

The amount of nappies you need depends on the frequency you want to wash, how old your baby is, and how much you wish to spend. Please see the Instructions page for more details on how many nappies your baby will need.

Green Kids have a unique design that allows them to fit most babies from birth to toilet training, which means you should only have to purchase one set of nappies! See the page on Nappy Instructions for information.

For some babies, you may find that the nappies will fit at the largest setting between 8-12 months. Most babies will trim down quite a bit as soon as they begin walking or crawling, and the nappies will then go back to fitting them on a smaller setting.

Most children will fit the nappies until the average toilet training age of 2 1/2, or approximately 15kg. This can vary between children, and many will fit the nappies for longer, even up to 4 or 5 years. This will depend on the individual size and weight of your child.

Green Kids now have Newborn size nappies for those occasions when you need a smaller nappy for a premature or newborn bub.  Click on the navigation bar above to check out our full range.

Green Kids offer a choice of inserts which vary in price, absorbency, trimness and drying time. Decide which feature is most important to you then look at the absorbency and size information for each insert/booster to determine which one is best for your situation.

Green Kids absorbent inserts are washable and reuseable, and if cared for correctly will usually last a similar amount of time to the nappies themselves.

As the bamboo inserts take longer to dry than the nappies, you might like to consider purchasing a few additional inserts to use while your inserts are drying. The nappies dry very quickly, and with a few extra inserts on hand, you will be able to start using the nappies again without having to wait for your inserts to dry.
Drying times from shortest to longest are – microfibre inserts are the fastest drying, followed by bamboo boosters, regular bamboo inserts and premium double inserts, due to the 6 layer thickness.

We recommend changing your baby approximately every 3 hours during the day. If the nappy has been soiled you should change the nappy immediately. If you notice that the insert is thoroughly wet, you should also change it right away. For overnight, put an Anytimes nappy on your baby just before they go to bed, and change them as soon as they wake in the morning. Anytimes nappies can last 12+ hours overnight with sufficient absorbent inserts in the pocket.

When you are out and about, Green Kids nappies are an extremely simple option to use. When the nappy has been used, simply roll it up and stick it shut with the tabs. Most nappies will be fine like this and will not leak. To separate the nappy from the unused ones, simply place it in a wet bag or plastic bag. See Nappy Instructions for more details.

Many people use Green Kids nappies as a swim nappy very successfully. All you need to do is to remove the insert, as you will not need the absorbency when in the water. We have received heaps of excellent feedback regarding the containment of ‘accidents’ when in the water. To ensure the longevity of those nappies that you use in a chlorinated pool, just give them a thorough rinse after each swim, and try to use the same nappy each time if possible.

Due to the stay dry effect of the suede cloth, your baby will never have wet skin for long periods, thereby reducing the chance of nappy rash. As there is no need to use harsh bleaches on Green Kids nappies, none will therefore come into contact with the skin, further reducing the chance of nappy rash.

We recommend that you do not use an ‘barrier creams’ with the nappies, as these can cause a water repellent layer in the suede cloth lining, causing them to repel liquid. If your baby experiences nappy rash due to teething or sickness, try a nappy cream which is water based, such as Savlon, or a powder such as Curash.

The washing powder/liquid combined with line drying or tumble drying will sanitise the nappies and ensure bacteria are removed, without all the fuss and expense of soaking or bleaching! Line drying in the sun will also assist in removing any residual stains.

You can save money by purchasing your nappies in bulk, as quantity discounts start from 6 nappies and/or inserts and will save you heaps, plus we have great discounts on our Trial and Bulk nappy packs! Check out the nappy packages pages for more details.

If used correctly, Green Kids nappies should not leak. If you are experiencing leaking issues, please read the troubleshooting tips on the Nappy Instructions page.

Exactly how long the nappies last will depend on several variables such as the water in your area, the type of washing powder/liquid you use, how many nappies you have in your rotation, and the type of washing machine. If cared for as per the care instructions, the nappies should last from birth until toilet training or beyond, but this is not guaranteed as every baby and every situation is unique. We receive feedback from many customers who are using the nappies on their second, and occasionally even third baby! We do recommend you rinse your nappies and inserts in fresh water after use if your baby is teething, as their urine can become very acidic and cause accelerated wear on the materials.

You can save thousands of dollars by using Green Kids nappies! We have crunched the numbers for you to show just how much you can save. See our Nappy Instructions for more details.

Investing in a Complete Pack of nappies (20 nappies with inserts), you will make your money back from not buying disposables within about 6 months (this figure may vary depending on which type of disposables you use in the calculations). The next two years worth of using nappies will cost you only a dollar or two per week in washing costs! Have your bub wearing the latest and cutest nappy fashions, and save money as well. Sweet!

We generally don’t recommend the use of liners due to the fact that the suede cloth lining of Green Kids nappies is stay dry, so if you use another liner it will alter the stay dry affect of the nappies. Many people do use them with the nappies successfully though, so you can certainly try it out and see how it goes for you.  Our 100% bamboo flushable liners are extremely popular, particularly with newborns and breast food babies who often have explosive poos!

There are quite a few good washing powders or liquids you can use with the nappies, and the best one to use will depend on your washing machine and the water in your area. Liquids are usually more gentle on the nappies than powders, as they do not have insoluble content which can cause extra wear. Washing powders should contain no bleaches, whitening agents or enzymes. We like to choose earth friendly liquids with no phosphorus such as Earth Choice or Green Care concentrate.  Generally the cheaper powders and liquids contain less additives and are therefore better for your nappies – how cool is that!