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Nappy Rash

This week we bring you some tips on nappy rash from Jannine Barron, owner of Nature’s Child and former ANA president.

The two things you always want to eliminate to avoid nappy rash are moisture and friction.

Here are 4 simple things you can do every time you change a nappy. They are largely cost free and time saving tips to avoid the cost and time that comes in dealing with nappy rash.

Already got nappy rash? Read these 4 tips first, and then we’ll address how to act now at the end of this article.


Using clean water and cloth baby wipes with no ingredients on them is the best way to keep your baby’s bottom clean. You can use a spray bottle of water to spray on a cloth wipe. If you have the opportunity to bathe your baby after a nappy change or to simply put their bottom under warm water then we recommend this. Pat dry them with a fresh baby towel. This is the ultimate clean and it is ideal that this can happen at least once a day at a time that is easy for you.

2. TALC FREE BABY POWDER. Baby powder absorbs moisture like sweat and urine and prevents further moisture build up. So it ticks the boxes for reducing moisture and friction. It is also quick and easy to use and very inexpensive.


Spring and Summer are easy months to give our babies some nappy free time. Their skin will love having access to fresh air and sunshine. Babies need time to have no nappy or clothing. No nappy time reduces opportunities for chafing or friction and gives times for baby’s skin to breathe.

If you have a newborn or young baby, we recommend using a towel or baby mat to lie on. This ensures any accidents from wee or poo can be caught quickly with the towel can absorb any mess with ease.

Be sure to always be out of direct sunlight of course and use sunscreen if you are outside for any extended periods of time. Babies get sunburned even easier than adults!


If you’re not a fan of using powder, an alternative to try is a barrier balm which deters moisture and irritants from reaching the skin.  Note the word balm instead of cream. Barrier “creams” tend to have non organic ingredients as the main component so are not as desirable.

A balm will form a mild protective barrier against moisture, while still allowing little skin to breathe.  It’s also a great topical treatment to soothe and cool baby’s bottom when a rash is already present.

Your baby’s skin is so sensitive, especially the genital area. Whichever brand you choose, read the jar to ensure quality natural ingredients only are used.  If the balm contains any oils, it may prevent your cloth nappies from working correctly, so clean it off with a damp cloth before nappying your bub.

3 BONUS TIPS for you if Nappy Rash Right Now!

1 – Eliminate the basic causes by following all 4 steps above.

2 – If rash still persists, you need to experiment by eliminating each of the following until you get a rash free result.

  • Change your laundry powder
  • Change your disposable nappy brand
  • Choose Green Kids Cloth Nappies – babies in cloth nappies rarely suffer from nappy rash!

3 – If you have done all of the above, then it’s time to see a doctor or naturopath that has a good understanding of gut health. It could be an issue in your baby’s stomach.

If your baby’s nappy rash is blistering or has broken skin, do not use any products as this will create potential pain for your baby. Stop using all nappies and use fresh air and clean water only, no baby wipes, no ingredients and start from scratch.

Always seek medical advice if you are concerned.

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