Our nappies are 100% Australian Made and Owned.

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See our gorgeous range of nappy colours & prints!

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Green Kids 100% flushable bamboo liners P50

Super absorbent bamboo inserts & boosters!

Why Choose Green Kids Modern Cloth Nappies?

* Easy to care for – no bleaching or soaking!
* Easy to use – no pins, folding, separate covers or fiddly snaps!
* Trim fitting and stylish, in gorgeous colours & prints!
* One size fits most from birth to toilet training!
* Stay dry layer keeps baby dry and comfy!
* Suitable for day & night use – super absorbent!
* Gentle on your baby, the environment & your bank account!
* Our nappies are made in Australia from premium quality materials, so you know they’re good!

*Easy to use & care for      *Save $$

Why Choose Drytimes Incontinence Products?

Drytimes is an Australian company manufacturing quality, reusable, washable and waterproof bed pads to protect your bedding and furniture, plus a full range of reusable incontinence pants, pads and nappy/pants to keep you confident, comfortable and free to do everything you want to do!

Drytimes are ideal for urinary and fecal incontinence, illness, excessive sweating, bed wetting or toilet training for children and adults. Save your time, money and sanity with Drytimes!

*Confidence   *Comfort   *Freedom

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Drytimes incontinence products are for every stage of life!

Drytimes bed pads suit any bed size & come with tuck-in flaps or without tuck-in flaps.

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Trial and bulk packs

Green Kids trial and bulk nappy packages are a great way to start if you are new to cloth nappying, or just want to purchase nappies at a terrific price!